After the Ultra ASIA Race in Vietnam, I decided continue the challenge with Canal aventure. I’ve finished my second challenge in Mozambique with the Ultra AFRICA Race. Canal Aventure is a life experience and a great organization. Jerome and his staff manage to creat unique events with a particular charm. Jérôme always leaves his mark… who gets into his races can not live without. I was blind before… now I see life with different eyes thanks Jerome. For me Canal Aventure is a journey inside of myself.

Giuseppe De Rosa



The Roadsign Continental Challenge is an international challenge included the 5 ultramarathons organized by Canal Aventure on 5 continents. The Roadsign Continental Challenge rewards the performance, steadiness and versatility of competitors. In addition to the competition, our events are for participants the opportunity to discover the world, to satisfy their desire of adventure and share unforgettable moments.




  • The Roadsign Continental Challenge is a set of 5 ultra marathons,
  • These 5 ultramarathons are organized on 5 different continents,
  • 3 ultramarathons are annual and 2 ultramarathons are organized every 2 years,
  • The Roadsign Continental Challenge award the performance and the capacity of adaptation of competitors,
  • A Ranking List mixed will be established and update after each event,
  • The points awarded to a competitor can be accumulated over two years,
  • At the end of each calendar year, the man and woman with the most points on the ranking list will be rewarded,
  • The winner of the Roadsign Continental Challenge will have to choose a charity project, which will receive financial support.




Rang 1st 2nd 3rd 4 – 9th 10 – 14th 15 – 25th Kilometer
Point (s) 7 6 5 4 3 2  1



2018 2019 2020
Ultra ASIA Race  26 – 29 March 25 – 28 March March
THE TRACK / 15 – 24 May /
Ultra NORWAY Race 13 – 15 July July July
Ultra BOLIVIA Race 24 – 30 September / September
Ultra AFRICA Race 11 – 15 November November November


Next Event… The Ultra ASIA Race 2018 in the North West of Vietnam, in the region of Mai Châu, near the Laos border. We propose to you a 160 km foot race in 4 stages, with 6000 meters of positive elevation, 7000 meters of negative elevation in Self-Supported. The event will take place in a very welcoming region with lush vegetation. The route takes you through many rice plantations in mountain landscapes, with some technical trails. You will discover, every day, the Muong minority, and their villages nestled in the hillsides or lost in the valleys. During the event, the group will spend the nights in traditional houses on stilts, in authentic villages.