Run to learn from others and oneself

Giuseppe joined our universe in 2017. Familiar with long distances, he discovered Vietnam during the Ultra ASIA Race in March. He took so much pleasure while being there that he ran the Ultra AFRICA Race in November, and gets ready to take part in our next three...

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Regaining the original spirit of Adventure running race.

Meeting with Jérôme Lollier, founder of Canal Aventure and organizer of the Roadsign Continental Challenge. For 3 years, Roadsign Continental Challenge joins in a singular approach. The ambition of Canal Aventure and Roadsign, partner of the Challenge, is not to...

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Takao Kitada… Impossible to fail in Mozambique!

A few weeks after our return from Mozambique, we wanted to give the floor to Takao Kitada. Followed by a television crew for the duration of the event, Takao knew that he could not fail ... He absolutely had to cross the finish line on Jangamo beach. Extra stress that...

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Ita Marzotto wins the Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017

The Ultra AFRICA Race organized from 5 to 9 November 2017 in Mozambique was the last event of the season for Canal Aventure. The occasion also to reward the winners of the Roadsign Continental Challenge. With a 6th overall rank on the African tracks, Ita Marzotto...

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Who will win the Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017?

Pedro Vera Jimenez currently second on the Ranking List, two points from Ita Marzotto, will try to be first in the ranking of the Roadsign Continental Challenge after the Ultra AFRICA Race. In 2016, Pedro had won the challenge with four points ahead of Argentinian...

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Hanoï, a city between modernism and exoticism

Before going to the Mai Chau region, we meet all the participants of the Ultra ASIA Race in the Vietnamese capital: Hanoï. Discover an incredible Asian city, full of contrasts. The history of Hanoï, capital of Vietnam since 1980, dates back thousands of years, making...

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“Passion Laufen” by Rafael Fuchsgruber

"Passion Laufen" ( passion running ) is the second book by Rafael Fuchsgruber – after his very successful autobiography "Running wild". It’s a compilation with coverages about his races such as "THE TRACK" in 2015 with Canal Aventure or "Sahara Race" (4deserts) with...

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