Ultra ASIA Race

3 – 6 March 2025

Ultra ASIA Race

3 – 6 March 2025

Explore the lush mountains of Vietnam




160 km


4 days


North West of Vietnam

The Ultra ASIA Race takes place in the North West of Vietnam, in the region of Mai Châu, near the Laos border. The event will take place in a very welcoming region with lush vegetation. The route takes you through many rice plantations in mountain landscapes, with some technical trails. You will discover, every day, the Muong minority, and their villages nestled in the hillsides or lost in the valleys. During the event, the group will spend the nights in traditional houses on stilts.

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160 km in the lush mountains
Ultra ASIA Race map

160 km in the lush mountains

The Ultra ASIA Race is a 160 km foot race in 4 stages, with 6500 meters of positive elevation, 7500 meters of negative elevation in food self-sufficiency. Each competitor must carry a backpack containing the compulsory equipment, food and personal equipment.

Participants must follow the route as marked by the organizers and indications of the map given before the race. There are check points located at regular intervals. A technical support and a medical team are present during the whole event.

Competitors who cannot respect the limit time (10 hours per stage), can stay in the race. They will be classified according to the kilometers they ran during the event.


Save the dates

Saturday 1 March 2025

  • 2 pm: Appointment at the Thien Thai Hotel in Hanoï
  • 4 pm: Administrative, technical and medical checks
  • 7 pm: Dinner & overnight at the hotel

Sunday 2 March 2025

  • 8 am: Breakfast at the hotel
  • 11 am: Transfer from Hanoi to Pa-Co (5 hours drive)
  • 5 pm: Check-in at the inhabitant’s house
  • 6.30 pm: Dinner & overnight at the inhabitant of Pa Co

Monday 3 March 2025

Stage 1: 31 km / 1000 mD+ / 2000 mD- / 10 hours

Tuesday 4 March 2025

Stage 2: 49 km / 2100 mD+ / 1900 mD- / 10 hours + Cut time at the CP2

Wednesday 5 March 2025

Stage 3: 31 km / 1900 mD+ / 1400 mD- / 10 hours

Thursday 6 March 2025

Stage 4: 49 km / 1500 mD+ / 2200 mD- / 10 hours

Check-in at the Mai Châu Ecolodge in the afternoon. Dinner & overnight at the hotel

Friday 7 March 2025

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • 11 am: Award ceremony and free afternoon
  • 7 pm: Dinner & overnight at the hotel

Saturday 8 March 2025

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • 10 am: Transfer from Mai Châu to Hanoi (4 hours drive)


Address: 45 Nguyen Truong To Str., Badinh District, Hanoï, Vietnam.
Phone number: (+84) 4 37164126
Email: info@thienthaihotel.com
Website: www.thienthaihotel.com


⇒ Hanoi International Airport (Noi Bai).

Hanoi International Airport is located 45 km north of Hanoi city center.
(Code IATA : HAN, Code ICAO : VVNB)

Event Information

Send us a message specifying the race (s) from which you wish to receive Event Information. This document includes the itinerary of the event, the list of compulsory equipment and information to sign-up.

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Frequently asked questions

What equipment are compulsory to participate in the Ultra ASIA Race?

During the pre-race checks, each participant must present the following equipment:

      • Backpack x1
      • Sleeping bag x1
      • Lighter x1
      • Knife (blade: 3,5 cm min.) x1
      • Mirror (diameter: 6 cm min.) x1
      • Whistle x1
      • Survival blanket x1
      • Headlamp x1
      • Additional batteries x4 (or one second Headlamp)
      • Utensils to cook x1
      • Solid fuel tablets x8
      • Medical pocket for the first aid x1
      • Salt tablets or similar x20
      • Water bidons of 1 liter x2 (or similar)

    Highly recommended equipment:

        • Walking sticks
        • Rain clothes
        • Waterproof bag / pocket
        • Flip flops x1

How much food should we have for the competition?

Each entrant must provide his/her own food for 4 days. Each competitor must have 2 000k/calories per day, that is to say a minimum of 8 000k/calories, otherwise he/she will be penalized. Gas stoves are strictly forbidden.

How will I be able to orient myself on the course?

Participants must imperatively follow the course provided by the organization under penalty of penalty. The course will be marked by the organization team. In addition, before departure, participants will have a map with the route, distances, directions to follow as well as the particularities of the course. The absence of a card during the event will result in a penalty.

When will we have water during the competition?

Participants receive water at checkpoints (1 or 2 checkpoints per stage), morning and evening at the bivouac.
It is imperative to have your bidons (compulsory equipment) because we do not give bottles. In addition, we do not distribute hot water.

What are the temperatures expected in March?

In March, the weather could be humid.
It’s possible to have some slippery parts on the itinerary.
The theoretical temperature are 15/25 °C day and 10/15 °C night.

How will we be accommodated during the event?

From 5 to 9 March 2023, we will be in home stays (4 nights).
You will have on site a small mattress and a mosquito net.
There is electricity in homes.

How to join the group in Hanoï?

Registration fees do not include air tickets. Participants must individually manage transport (plane and airport transfer) to reach the meeting point with the group. Participants must be on Saturday March 1 at 2 pm at the THIEN THAI HOTEL, 45 Nguyen Truong To Str., Badinh District, Hanoï, Vietnam.

How do I validate my registration?

To register for the Ultra ASIA Race, we ask you to send us the registration form duly completed and signed. This document can be sent by mail or email. You must also send us a copy of your passport, a repatriation insurance certificate. Finally, to confirm your registration, you must pay the deposit. -> Entry fees details

What is the deadline to register?

There is no deadline to register for the Ultra ASIA Race but there are limited number of places available.

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