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Friday, 11 April 2014 08:07
The ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE is an opportunity to run 5 ultramarathons on 5 continents! Each race of the challenge is an unique adventure. In the green mountains of Kerala, on the laterite tracks of the Australian desert or on the Bolivian Altiplano: competitors are immersed in picturesque sceneries.
The competitions of ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE, are sporting challenges outsized who provide opportunities for competitors testing their limits both physically and mentally. In addition, each of these adventures has different characteristics in order that participants demonstrate a high degree of adaptability to be effective.
The challenge of the ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE is an international challenge bringing together participants from the four corners of the world united by the will to live and share exceptionnal moments.


Ultra INDIA Race Asia

  21-25 January 

February February

6-15 May

/  May 
Ultra NORWAY Race Europe

2-4 July

July July
Ultra BOLIVIA Race America /

 19-24 September 

Ultra AFRICA Race Africa

   4-8 December   

December     December    






Monday, 13 June 2011 12:56

[Ultra NORWAY Race] Download the Final Results of the Ultra NORWAY Race 2015.

[Ultra ASIA Race] Let's go to Vietnam in March 2016. Registrations will open the 15th June...

[NEWS] From 2016, we propose the Ultra ASIA Race instead the Ultra INDIA Race!

[THE TRACK] Download the Press Kit with the Final Results of THE TRACK 2015.

[Italy] Ita Emanuela Marzotto finishes first woman of THE TRACK 2015 in 78h20.

[Germany] Frank Reintjes wins THE TRACK 2015 in 61h23.

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[THE TRACK] Look at the list of competitors who will be in Australia next May!

[Ultra AFRICA Race] The registrations are open for the edition 2015!

[Ultra INDIA Race] Download the Final Results of the Ultra INDIA Race 2015.

[Denmark] Tomas Sundman wins the Ultra INDIA Race 2015 in 21h00.

[Ultra INDIA Race] From 21 to 25 January 2015, follow the results on our Face Book page.

[Taiwan] Look at the movie of Tommy Chen on the Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2014.

[France] The Ultra BOLIVIA Race in Running Pour Elles #24.

[France] She did it! Cécile Bertin (France) speak about her Ultra BOLIVIA Race in Vital #9.

[Ultra BOLIVIA Race] Look the movie of the bolivian adenture of Jesper Kramer (Denmark).

[Venezuela] The Ultra BOLIVIA Race on TeleSUR.

[Ultra BOLIVIA Race] Dowload the Final Results of the Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2014.

[Italy] Ingrid and Leandro talk about the Ultra AFRICA Race on the Rai.TV.




#Join the Ultra AFRICA Race 2015 - From 4 to 8 December - Burkina Faso, AFRICA.


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