Since 2010, from one continent to another, we have been offering you unique sporting and human adventures. Together, let’s continue to make our dreams come true.

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From May 18 to 27, 2022, find the results of THE TRACK Namibia 2022 on our Facebook page.

First ultramarathon organized by Canal Aventure in 2011, THE TRACK is an extraordinary 520 km endurance footrace in 9 stages and 10 days of competition in food self-sufficiency competition. For the first time, we are offering this unique event format in Namibia!


Ultra AFRICA Race 2022, from 13 to 17 November

It’s time to register to discover Mozambique, the hidden treasure of southern Africa. Register now for the Ultra AFRICA Race 2022 and take advantage of the preferential rate.

« In Every trail and each country I run with Canal Aventure, I have lived a unique experience and have been in contact with the essence of the nature that country offers. » – Ita Emanuela Marzotto

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The Experience of your Life


5 Ultramarathons on 5 Continents, a unique sporting and human adventure who values the performance, consistency and versatility.

“Le Chemin de l’Aventure”, Jérôme Lollier, founder of Canal Aventure, looks back on ten years spent traveling the world to organize exceptional events.

Travel, meet others to find out who we are. Confronting the world to understand the importance of our roots. From Oceania to Africa, from Asia to South America and to the Arctic Circle, Jérôme Lollier has imagined human and sporting adventures where we learn a lot about ourselves and the world. Discover how sport, experienced as a sharing, can lead us on the path of adventure. A journey punctuated by the force of human relationships, the surpassing of oneself and the exciting discovery of our planet.

Le Chemin de l’Aventure

The Ultimate Challenge


THE TRACK is a format of challenge XXL: 520 km in 9 stages and 10 days of competition in food self-sufficiency. THE TRACK Series offers 5 ultramarathons in THE TRACK format on 5 continents.



Caroline runs FOR and WITH the others

Participating in Canal Aventure events is a commitment. Push one’s limits to finish the race, live the effort as a sharing, know how to appreciate the authenticity of the places and people you meet… Some exceed their goals even...

Canal Aventure valiantly continues its journey

In recent times, some hazards have taken us a little away from the roads we like to take. Despite this troubled period, Canal Aventure remains true to its values and determined to continue the fantastic journey begun more than...

Carlos Llano, body toughness and genuine commitment

Participants in our ultramarathons have running in their blood. For some of them, it goes with a true caring about others, wherever they are and wherever they come from. Some of them are involved in issues of a quite different...

Andrew Cohen: “THE TRACK takes us on an unmistakable journey.”

Ten years ago, Canal Aventure was organizing its first event in Australia. Birthdays are often the moment to take a look back. This one reminds us the importance of those encounters without which a project could have failed....

Perrine Chugg, Canal Aventure’s wild card

Since we met her in the 2000s, Perrine Chugg occupies a special place in our universe. Thanks to her traveler mood, her gaze on the others, her goodwill with a full-time smile, Canal Aventure was able to organize the first...

Bruno Thomas: Dr Cool and Mr Fearless

If you follow Canal Aventure, you know that Bruno is the doctor of our ultramarathons. A long career as a generalist and a rich background in running have led him to us. Let’s look back at the tribulations of a doctor who is not...

Canal Aventure involved for the future

Beyond the sport experience, our events are made for discovering the world. On the fringe of races, we focus on meeting, sharing and helping local communities. In these harsh times, we have decided to give a new boost to our...

Viêt Doan Van, a valuable partner

Canal Aventure events, authentic and off the beaten track, owe a lot to the local staff who helps us in each country. In Vietnam, our partner for several years is called Viêt Doan Van. Before meeting again during the next...

Nicolas Autret, having race under your skin

Experienced marathoner and participant in our very first race, Nicolas Autret is one of the emblematic runners of our history. But you must know that our paths had crossed long before the creation of Canal Aventure.   [...

Anatole Gouba, “fool” with a faithful heart

We wish everyone to meet one of those unforgettable, luminous personalities that mark you for life. These people we often think about and will never forget even if oceans separate us. For us, since 2013, Anatole Gouba is one of...

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