Canal Aventure

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Our goal is to organize sporting events all over the world, giving runners the opportunity to test their physical abilities and mental skills. Moreover, we create conditions to discover the populations and culture of each visited country. Canal Aventure events seem like wide open windows to the planet.

Keeping eyes and mind open is essential to appreciate and understand the world a little better, to stay connected with ourselves and others. Over time, Canal Aventure has donated needed funds and supplies to charities focusing on countries where our races have taken place, especially in terms of education and sports.

Due to the special situation for all populations around the world in 2020, we want to do more. So we decided to take an official engagement with a non-profit organization who does an amazing job in Niger for the education of children. 

In the future, we will do our best to support Isabelle, her entire team and the 340 children of the “Après-demain” center in Zinder in Niger.


Globally, 8% of children do not go to school. 60 million children are therefore deprived of the best chances of learning to read, write and calculate.



We want the adventures we share together to be meaningful. We want to benefit others, all those who are not fortunate enough to be able to make the same choices as us.


Thinking is meaningless if it is not followed by action. Talk, set goals and then Act, concretely and according to our possibilities, for future generations.

Au Coeur du Niger Association

This association called “Au Coeur du Niger” is an independent charity having its headquarters in Romont, Switzerland. Founded in 2009, the Association is run by a young and dynamic team of volunteers.

The Association’s primary objective is to provide a basic education, sewing classes, regular meals, healthcare, and a home for orphans, albino children, and child-mothers of Niger’s Zinder region. Their ultimate goal is to forge greater independence and a better future for the local population.


Canal Aventure supports competitors fundraising efforts by providing additional race information and media materials.