Continental Challenge

5 Ultramarathons on 5 Continents


[Twice successful Roadsign Continental Challenge]

 Gürkan Açiköz

  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2019 – Winner with a total of 31 points
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2019 – 4th
  • THE TRACK 2019 – 8th
  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2018 – Winner with a total of 23 points
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2018 – 4th
  • Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2018 – 2nd
  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2018 – 1st (Competition by team)
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2018 – 2nd

BIO >> Gürkan Açikgöz consistently pushed back the constraints imposed by diabetes. Acting and being the first diabetic sportsman winning the Challenge in 2018, Gürkan reached a nice goal… But he had not complete all his dreams. After Asia, Europe, South America and Africa, he has went to Oceania where he finished THE TRACK, ranking 8th overall.

With a total of 31 points and 1480 km running on the 5 continents in 2018 and 2019, Gurkan write a new record and has won the Challenge for the second year! We are proud to welcome Gurkan Açikgoz to our hall of fame and so happy that he has been able to abolish many borders thanks to the Roadsign Continental Challenge.

“Thanks to the Continental Challenge, I realized one of my dreams and most of all, I had magical journeys. I had the opportunity to see natural wonders on 5 continents and made incredible friends. When you meet new people and cultures, you understand that the world is much bigger than we can imagine. ”

[First woman to have completed with success the 5 events of the Roadsign Continental Challenge]

 Ita Marzotto

  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2018 – 2nd (Competition by team)
  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2017 – Winner with a total of 18 points
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2017 – 6th & 1st woman
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2017 – 2nd & 1st woman
  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2016 – 1st woman & 3rd of the Ranking List
  • Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2016 – 8th & 2nd woman
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2016 – 6th
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2015 – 5th & 2nd woman
  • THE TRACK 2015 – 9th & 1st woman 


BIO >> Ita Marzotto looks like her home region, the Tuscany. She shows a subtle mix of sweetness and energy, of greed and wisdom. Calm and smiling, Ita stands out in ultra-races since a few years. But her presence at the highest level today stems from the challenge launched by a friend …

First woman to complete all our races and winner of Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017, Ita did not have the race in her blood until the dawn of fifty. Grown-up children, professional break, some cigarettes and a light overweight … one moment when we very often try to change things in our life. And a facetious friend who challenges her to come to run the New-York marathon! Taking him literally, she said yes and began to train in April for the marathon taking place in November. After some codified races, the adventure could have stopped there but Ita discovers the trail; A kind of revelation. She has always liked the journey and this type of race captivates her.

“To take advantage of the journey and finish ultra-trails, you have to be requiring with yourself and of course, it is easier when you have time.”

Humbly, she asserts that the energy of the performance comes from the trail itself. In 2017, Ita Marzotto ended 16 ultra-marathons and ultra-trails, quite 1800 km on 4 continents. When we talk about an exceptional sports performance, she says no and sweeps the compliment with a wide smile. If ultra-trail fits her so well, it is because that sounds like her.

“Running an ultra-trail, it is at first accepting the nature such as it is, taking pleasure in the diversity of grounds, landscapes. In the races of the Roadsign Continental challenge, we feel osmosis with the environment, the animals. It is a human journey in autonomy where the runners are given responsibilities. The way these races are thought and organized help enormously to face the challenge.”

[Recordman of participations]

  Pedro Vera Jimenez

  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2018 – 6th
  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2018 – 4th
  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2017 – 1st Man & 2nd of the Ranking List
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2017 – 7th
  • THE TRACK 2017 – 12th
  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2016 – Winner with a total of 22 points
  • Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2016 – 9th
  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2016 – 7th (no Finisher)
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2016 – 7th
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2016 – 7th
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2015 – 3rd
  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2015 – 6th
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2015 – 4th

BIO >> Pedro Vera Jimenez has the record of participation in the Roadsign Continental Challenge series. He is also the second competitor to have been Finisher of each of the Challenge races. Pedro won the Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017 by finishing first in the Ranking List. He received the winner’s shield on the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

“These races are the most beautiful in terms of human adventure and landscapes. Here, the quality dominates on the quantity.”

[First competitor to be “Finisher” of the 5 events of the Roadsign Continental Challenge]

 Juan Ricardo Ferrero

  • Ultra ASIA Race 2016 – 10th
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2015 – 10th
  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2015 – 5th
  • THE TRACK 2015 – 12th
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2015 – 3rd
  • Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2014 – 9th

BIO >> Juan Ricardo Ferrero, Argentinian runner, participated at his first event with Canal Aventure in November 2013 in Burkina Faso. In December 2015, again on the African continent, Juan became the first competitor to be “Finisher” of the 5 events of the Roadsign Continental Challenge.

“Having completed the series of Canal Aventure of the 5 continents has generated in me and in my surroundings a very special pride. Being the first competitor on the planet to close the series has filled my soul. It has been an incredible performance!”

Juan Ricardo Ferrero, he was born in the city of Río Cuarto, province of Córdoba, today he lives in Bell Ville in Argentina. He is a lawyer but devotes a lot of time to his passion is the Trail Running. For him the Roadsign Continental Challenge is very special:

“Canal Aventure has a very special spirit. Participating in a Canal Aventure race is to participate in a family adventure. The Roadsign Continental Challenge serie are challenging and itineraries are wild but the conviviality and spirit of caring during the events give us the opportunity to do greats performances. I have many memories and beautiful anecdotes … Like in Burkina Faso with my friend Ramon. At our arrival at the Ouagadougou airport, they retained our passports and told us that we would withdraw it the next day… For them two Argentinians here… It was incredible! They were surprise to see us in their country.”

[First Winner of the Roadsign Continental Challenge]

 Tommy Chen

  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2015 – Winner with a total of 20 points
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2015 – Winner
  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2015 – 2nd
  • Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2014 – Winner
  • THE TRACK 2013 – 2nd

BIO >>  Tommy Chen, is a young ultramarathon athlete whom performances and attitude induce respect.

As a child, a rural life and participation in the fields work gave him the taste of nature and sport. In high school, he joins the track and field team and worked hard to get the 10,000 meters national championship. Promoted to the sports university, he discovered ultramarathon by participating in a long-term polar adventure. “At this time, I fell in love with the super marathon in nature” he specifies.

At thirty-two year old, Tommy reached the goal that he had settled: finish 8 ultramarathons on 7 continents in 5 years; a challenge which led him under latitudes very far from his native country. His performances allowed us to discover his talent and obstinacy when he won the first edition of the Ultra BOLIVIA Race in 2014 then the Ultra AFRICA Race 2015 in Burkina Faso.

In 2015, he became the first Winner of the Roadsign Continental Challenge.

Beyond his sports performances, the Taiwanese made of Tommy Chen one of their favorite standard bearer.

Tommy also owes his athletic feats to an exceptional mental strength and a deep vision of life.

“Even if my body underwent many wounds, I saw the most beautiful sceneries of the world. As long as your life is not in danger, your body will recover. The pain is inevitable but the suffering is optional “.

5 Ultramarathons on 5 Continents

The Roadsign Continental Challenge, an unique Continental Series.