Cécile, do you have a lucky charm with you during your races?
[Cécile] Yes, a keychain offered by my husband that he chose symbolically because there are 2 pendants that he also offered me one day and I do not wear in the race because they are not adapted to practice a sport activities!

You ran several races with Canal Aventure, what is your best memory?
[Cécile] Finding a single souvenir would be very complicated … Now I admit that I loved the Ultra AFRICA Race in Burkina Faso because I totally discovered this part of the world and I loved not to be cut off World as usual. In Burkina Faso I met the locals, played with the children and gone see the giant baobab with the oldest person of the village.

Thank you Cécile for these confidences and see you soon.

Cécile Bertin au Burkina Faso