Participating in Canal Aventure events is a commitment. Push one’s limits to finish the race, live the effort as a sharing, know how to appreciate the authenticity of the places and people you meet… Some exceed their goals even before they start the race. This is the case of Caroline Caumon and her friends.

Caroline, athletic by nature, has been running for a long time. Over time and races, she wanted to “run useful. No accumulating performance, no. To make our efforts meaningful, to highlight diverse and just causes through sport.” Thus was born the association I Run For You, created ten years ago with some relatives.

Caroline Caumon explains that everyone is welcome (runners or not) with the aim of making known and regularly supporting favorite projects. Together with her long-time friend Sandrine Jouot, they ran around under the JCPT banner for the benefit of very different human projects: to support a school and fight against child malnutrition in Burkina Faso, help a French association run by parents of autistic children or equip a humanitarian health centre in Benin. And many more.

In 2017, we met Caroline and Patricia on the Ultra ASIA Race in Vietnam. She brilliantly renewed the adventure in Mozambique in 2019 with Sandrine. From these experiences, Caroline retains “a solid organization full of empathy, a team that knows perfectly what effort is, an adventure where mutual aid reigns and an exciting trip. We are just happy to be here, it’s a gift!”

In May 2022, it is not a duo but a trio of Charlie’s angels who will follow us in Namibia for a big challenge, in many ways. I Run For You is supporting T’Cap21.

THE TRACK Namibia: 520 km in self-sufficiency. A first for Caroline, Sandrine and Anne Bonzoumet. Spurred on by Anne, the desire to try this adventure to seek discovery has turned into an even greater challenge. They will put all their heart, courage and motivation at the service of T’Cap21.

T as Trisomy 21
C as Capacity
A as Self-determination
P as Life Project

Originally, a parents’ collective became a dynamic association carrying today an ambitious and beautiful project called Niolon station, Destination inclusion”. The creation of an integration business in an abandoned station with a living space, a café and guest rooms open to visitors on the blue coast near Marseille. Its particularity: being entirely managed by young adults with Down syndrome.



T’Cap21 works on the social and professional inclusion of these young people. To give them a chance to show what they are capable of and change the looks, the discriminating behaviors. One way to remember that having Down syndrome is having an EXTRA chromosome… The project also includes an apartment for training in residential autonomy, training in tourism-catering and organic farming.

The approach is resolutely positive but requires financial support relayed by Je Cours Pour Toi on the website Caroline, Sandrine and Anne will carry the torch in Namibia, as in a relay race. Driven by the flame of wanting to helps others, they are going to live and share a unique and useful adventure.

… And during our conversation, Caroline (yet) expressed the wish to be able to run THE TRACK in Australia

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