For several years we have looked on Mozambique as a promising destination for one of our races. We regularly took contact and looked at the maps to imagine a route. Nevertheless, if the country is known for its heavenly beaches, the inland is not frequented and so we had little information when we flew two weeks ago.

Mozambique or the Republic of Mozambique, is a state on the east coast of the African continent. It is surrounded by South Africa, Swaziland, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. It is a former Portuguese colony.

In Maputo, the capital of the country, we met Brian, a South African friend who accompanied us on this project. If our first two days were difficult because we did not find trails to meet our expectations, we were hoping to find our happiness a little further north along the coast.

And indeed the third day was the good … After discovering the place where we could organize the start of the race, we were happy by the good surprises offered by the discovery of a new territory! There is a lot of things to discover in this “end of the world” paradisiac. The beaches first because they are the first jewel of the country. Then the nature with its coconut forests and the bush. Finally, the numerous villages nestled in the dunes bordering the Indian Ocean.

After a few days on the tracks of the provinces of Gaza and Inhambane, we finally had our itinerary! The white page that we carry in our luggage was blackened with writing and drawings synonymous with a new route offering the charm and pleasure of go on the discovery of a land little known and preserved.