This English man is a runner and finisher of several marathons in less than 3 hours. Trained to ultra-races, Ian lived a new and unique experience on THE TRACK 2019. He tells.

He already had run several 260km multi-stages self-supported races. He knew that THE TRACK was different and most of all, the longest one. Well prepared, well equipped, he had to face a personal challenge he had never faced: preserving his motivation all race long.

Anyway, ultramarathon means performance but this one is special. 520km in 9 stages run in 10 days through the roughness of the Outback… Such a physical and mental commitment. It is hard to go to the end and the experience of former finishers is useful.



Ian can confirm:

“It is not easy. You must have to take each day at a time. You cannot think of what is ahead of you. I did do this on day 2 and 3 and it was a mistake… it scared me and made it very hard.”



The third stage is a kind of turning point which almost cost him dearly. Backpack on the ground, Ian was going to quit but something persuaded him to get to the next checkpoint… he put on his backpack and kept running.

Jérôme told me I had to find my underlying motivation to finish because it is a hard race”.

Knowing that “Do not quit” was his anchoring point was enough to re-motivate.

“I wanted to say I had finished the longest self-supported multi-stages ultra in the world. I also heard it was pretty cool to finish and get your medal in front of Uluru and that is correct. These are images and feelings I will not forget!”



If preparation, equipment and food are not a problem for Ian on THE TRACK, he highlights the importance of the bivouac.

On such a distance, having a camp to rest and a sleeping mat is essential. And, on his opinion, the race seems “much easier” for the front guys. The faster you come into the camp, the best you can rest. It is much harder for those who are slower…

Concerning his organization, Ian would not change anything, except more trainings with his backpack.

“I felt I could have run faster but it was hot and the flies were difficult. My confidence go hit on day 2 and 3 and then I did not feel strong again until the final day. I loved the final stage!”

Nearly to quit on the first part of the race, Ian Malcolm finished in 6th place. It is to say that staying motivated is the key element helping to push limits and finish THE TRACK.



Ian says that this race is very “pure”, basic and difficult, with no comfort, a true adventure. Something special, unforgettable and that it is a privilege to have run it…

He shares this particular emotion:

“Running the final 140km and seeing the whole team and the others who had already finished in the torchlight was amazing. And then watching everyone else come in after a truly epic 10 days is magical. Jérôme hugged everyone tight and made everyone feel they had won their own race. You have to find your motivation or it will beat you!”



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