The Ultra AFRICA Race organized from 5 to 9 November 2017 in Mozambique was the last event of the season for Canal Aventure. The occasion also to reward the winners of the Roadsign Continental Challenge.

With a 6th overall rank on the African tracks, Ita Marzotto (Italy) has confirmed her position as Leader of the Challenge. Ita wins the Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017.


Ita Marzotto, Winner of the Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017

« Thank you Jérôme and all who make this Challenge a reality! Every race has been nicer than the preceding, I cannot tell which one I liked best, my advice to all is to experience all of them: Australia, Asia, Africa and Bolivia!!! Fantastic! »

In 2015, Ita finished 4th and first woman of the Challenge with 13 points. In 2016, she finished for the second time first woman and second of the Challenge with 16 points behind Pedro Vera Jimenez. In 2017, with 18 points accumulated in two years, Ita becomes the first woman to win the Roadsign Continental Challenge.

Pedro Vera Jimenez, recordman of participations in the Challenge’s races, finished second with a total of 16 points. He also remains the record of points earned on the Challenge with 22 points in 2016.


Pedro Vera Jimenez (Venezuela), Second of the Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017

« Muchas gracias. Espero poder seguir corriendo muchos años más. Las carreras de Jérôme Lollier son las mejores en calidad humana y paisajes. Nos demuestran que los más importante no es la cantidad sino la calidad. »

Ita Emanuela Marzotto’s results

  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2017 –  6th & First Woman 
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2017 – 2nd & First Woman
  • Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2016 – 8th & 2nd Woman  
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2016 – 6th

Pedro Vera Jimenez’s results

  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2017 – 7th
  • THE TRACK 2017 – 12th
  • Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2016 – 9th
  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2016 – 7th (no Finisher)
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2016 – 7th


Concept of the Challenge

The Roadsign Continental Challenge is an international challenge included the 5 ultramarathons organized by Canal Aventure: the Ultra ASIA Race, THE TRACK, the Ultra NORWAY Race, the Ultra BOLIVIA Race and the Ultra AFRICA Race. These 5 ultramarathons are organized on 5 different continents: 3 ultramarathons are annual and 2 ultramarathons are organized every 2 years.

Since June 2014, a Ranking List mixed will be established and update after each event. The points awarded to a competitor can be accumulated over two years. At the end of each calendar year, the man and woman with the most points on the ranking list will be rewarded,

The points accumulated on the races in 2016 and 2017 were taken into account to designate the winner of the Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017.


Some information since 2014… 

>> More information about the Concept & the Program of the Challenge


Historic dates about the Challenge 

  • 2015Tommi Chen (Taiwan) became the first winner with 20 points,
  • 2015Juan Ricardo Ferrero (Argentina) is the first competitor who has finish each event of the Challenge,
  • 2016Pedro Vera Jimenez (Venezuela) won the challenge with 22 points,
  • 2017Pedro became the second competitor to be Finisher at each event of the Challenge,
  • 2017Ita Marzotto (Italy), is the first woman to win the Challenge with 18 points.

> More information about the Hall of Fame