“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”. This is a sentence highlighted by Jamie, the ultra-runner. A quote that seems on line with the challenge he set for the next two years.

The banker and the runner

Jamie has been Chief Operating Officer in the corporate finance for 20 years. A renowned professional, more used to the office than to the track until the day he left the suit for the survival blanket! Englishman living now in Sydney, he just said yes to the challenge of a friend and his life changed.

Since his first unprepared race, he has specialized in ultra-marathons. It was such a huge work until finishing second and first man on the Big Red Run in Queensland in 2016 (250 km) overall to the world champion Elisabeth Barnes. Not to mention his great 4th place on THE TRACK in 2017.

Jamie does not seek victory at any cost; it is the physical and mental challenge opening new perspectives that motivates him.



Corporate Training and Self Coaching

Today a certified coach and motivational speaker, Jamie has learned from his professional and personal experiences in so different universes. He now shares these lessons with groups and individuals in very comprehensive training programs with one goal: to help them to constantly perform to their maximum potential.



Between personal development sessions and the narration of adventure races, he wants to encourage his listeners to get out of their comfort zone, to adopt a positive mindset that allows exceeding anyone boundaries. Jamie also uses this know-how in his sportsman and competitor life.

Reading the posts published on his blog Wildonadventure.com during his preparation for THE TRACK 2017, we measure the scale of introspection and reflection necessary for the proper preparation of an ultra-marathon in self-sufficiency. So 5 ultras in 18 months on 5 continents! It will be a succession of discoveries, meetings and friendships under very different latitudes and at breakneck speed.

Efforts and fun

While congratulating on the fact that the mandatory kits are reasonable, he humorously and pragmatically talks about wardrobe choices (both related to weather conditions and bad hygiene during several days races) and nutrition adapted to this challenge.

Organized, Jamie is preparing very seriously on all fronts, but the success of this challenge probably lies in his approach of the race itself:

“I love the physical act of running. My feet hitting the ground; my heart pounding in my chest, I love the freedom of it. I can run wherever, with whoever and whenever I want. I think there is no better way to hear, see and feel a new place than to run on my two feet.”

2019 and 2020 will surely be memorable and full of surprises for Jamie Hildage… and for us.



… 18 months to complete the Roadsign Continental Challenge

Look at his blog Wildonadventure.com