Juan Ricardo Ferrero, Argentinian runner, participated at his first event with Canal Aventure in November 2013 in Burkina Faso. In December 2015, again on the African continent, Juan became the first competitor to be “Finisher” of the 5 events of the Roadsign Continental Challenge. In a few weeks, we will find him in the organizing team of the Ultra AFRICA Race which will be held for the first time in Mozambique. Interview of an endearing runner who writes the history of Canal Aventure since five years.

Juan, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Juan Ricardo Ferrero, I was born in the city of Río Cuarto, province of Córdoba, today I live in Bell Ville in Argentina. I am 49 years old, I have two children Enzo and Sofia with Edelweis Briner my wife. I am a professional lawyer in exercise but my passion is the Trail Running. I practice throughout the world. I also director of a Running’s website. 

When have you started to practice sports and in particular the running foot? Why? 

I started running when I was a law student in 1987 approximately. My first competition was a foot race of 10 km in 2005 in my province. From there I began to run regularly and to be more professional in my training. What makes me realize is the idea of ​​feeling free and enjoying every place in the world where I am.


Juan on the Salar de Uyuni with the Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2014.


Juan, you are the first competitor to be “Finisher” at each event of the Roadsign Continental Challenge. What this performance mean for you? 

Having completed the series of Canal Aventure of the 5 continents has generated in me and in my surroundings a very special pride. Being the first competitor on the planet to close the series has filled my soul. It has been an incredible performance! Being in capacity to set goal that for some are a real feat and being able to fulfill a dream who was born in 2014 in Bolivia… Is the best thing that has happened to me to date!

You have a lot of experience of challenge and you take part at different competitions everywhere in the world. What is for you the particularities of Canal Aventure?

Canal Aventure has a very special spirit. Participating in a Canal Aventure race is to participate in a family adventure. The Roadsign Continental Challenge serie are challenging and itineraries are wild but the conviviality and spirit of caring during the events give us the opportunity to do greats performances. I have many memories and beautiful anecdotes … Like in Burkina Faso with my friend Ramon. At our arrival at the Ouagadougou airport, they retained our passports and told us that we would withdraw it the next day… For them “2 Argentinians here”… It was incredible! They were surprise to see us in their country. Thank you Jérôme …


Juan with his friends in 2013 in Burkina Faso.


In Mozambique, you will be in the organization team for the Ultra AFRICA Race 2017. Is it a new experience for you? 

Being a volunteer in Mozambique is one of my first experiences in a foot race organization and it is the first time in the Canal Aventure’s team of organization. For the first time I will not be a runner but I will be in the Staff. I am a little worries and also very excited to seeing the adventure from another sides. 


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