His first name is Lâm. In his thirties and unique Vietnamese to run the Ultra ASIA Race in 2020, he is living a very “personal” story with the trail.


Graduated in civil engineering, Lâm works for ten years as an architect in a great real estate company. Professional pressure is hard so he begins to run just to improve his health. A few kilometers on the road then more and more long distances. He runs his first marathon in 2015 and try new adventures in which endurance is crucial. Triathlon, Rock’n Run, long distance swimming. Two intensive years in which his view of life and future changes. His sport lifestyle helped to reveal his deep needs.

“I saw so many valuable things like good physical and mental health, optimistic thinking, healthy living, good communities, more active friends and coming from everywhere, a better knowledge of my body and abilities…”

In 2017, he decides to quit construction and real estate to forge a new path, his own route.



Unique Vietnamese runner on the Ultra ASIA Race 2020


A decision leading Lâm to very different activities today. He really daily dedicates to the trail. More than running long distances, he also became a coach, opened a running shop and even took the mantle of a freelance semi-marathon and marathon organizer in his country. Running gathers today a large community in Vietnam. He is not the first to participate in our ultra-race but was the unique native runner this year.



Lâm had the experience of marathons ran abroad and thinks that running in his own country is an advantage. “I am living here, I can easily adapt to tropical conditions and diversity of the ground. I am used to local water and food and able to talk both with Vietnamese hosts and foreign runners.” Sharing the event on social media, he can see the interest of his compatriots for such a race.

I think I will give them more information, show beautiful pictures, describe my great experience with Canal Aventure and join them next times in Vietnam, abroad maybe. Because multi-days races are different, widening our horizons.”



The Ultramarathon in nature teach us so many things


Lâm says “I learned so many things from this race, improved my skills by real experiences.” He talks about managing the meals, water, equipment, physical and mental adaptability and the good mood.

“During the race, I finally ignored temporary difficulties and have been able to stay calm in front of hard things. I knew that I had to do it for myself, moving forward and finishing safely.”

After this race, he feels more confident due to the sharing of the adventure with runners having different languages, cultures and behaviors. Going further the technical skills and wellbeing resulting of the Ultra ASIA Race, Lâm simply tells to his followers the surprises of this experience.

The third stage became a “day off” because of the covid-19, several villages banning the crossing of foreigners. Lâm is happy to visit for the first time – with the team and all runners – the impressive Cave of Bats in Kho Muong.

During the last stage, He also shares his pleasure to see with his own eyes the giant potatoes planting that he only knew in the fairy tale of his childhood. Richness and diversity are both what Lâm enjoy the most in our kind of race. He simply endorses our motto “Never stop dreaming”.