Ita Marzotto looks like her home region, the Tuscany. She shows a subtle mix of sweetness and energy, of greed and wisdom. Calm and smiling, Ita stands out in ultra-races since a few years. But her presence at the highest level today stems from the challenge launched by a friend …

First woman to complete all our races and winner of Roadsign Continental Challenge 2017, Ita did not have the race in her blood until the dawn of fifty. Grown-up children, professional break, some cigarettes and a light overweight … one moment when we very often try to change things in our life. And a facetious friend who challenges her to come to run the New-York marathon! Taking him literally, she said yes and began to train in April for the marathon taking place in November. After some codified races, the adventure could have stopped there but Ita discovers the trail; A kind of revelation. She has always liked the journey and this type of race captivates her.



Ita does the job properly. It is the beginning of a second life.

Daily training (except Sunday…), new healthy lifestyle, she understands instinctively she has to work just as much the mental than the body.

“To take advantage of the journey and finish ultra-trails, you have to be requiring with yourself and of course, it is easier when you have time.”

The regularity of the training is essential for endurance just like the food. Became a vegetarian, she develops physical qualities as elasticity “essential on the races exceeding 100 kilometers”. Running, stretch, pilates and also Yoga and rest are the keywords of her program.

For her, the ultra-trail experience bases as much on the brain as on the legs.

“A good physical preparation helps to strengthen the immune systems, to leave with full loaded batteries. But learning to free its spirit, to leave and to run serene and to rely on a friendly circle are strengths which make you hold and even exceed your limits, especially when we run in autonomy.”

So, Ita manages her “fuel” by going as far as preparing herself dehydrated polenta, taking her lemons and Tuscan olive oil … And tackles on trouble sleeping she knows on the first nights of these races.



Humbly, she asserts that the energy of the performance comes from the trail itself.

In 2017, Ita Marzotto ended 16 ultra-marathons and ultra-trails, quite 1800 km on 4 continents. 

When we talk about an exceptional sports performance, she says no and sweeps the compliment with a wide smile. If ultra-trail fits her so well, it is because that sounds like her.

“Running an ultra-trail, it is at first accepting the nature such as it is, taking pleasure in the diversity of grounds, landscapes. In the races of the Roadsign Continental challenge, we feel osmosis with the environment, the animals. It is a human journey in autonomy where the runners are given responsibilities. The way these races are thought and organized help enormously to face the challenge.”


Ita underlines the solidarity between the participants who do not know each other, the wealth of the exchanges and the real friendships which ensue from it. She speaks about strong feelings, about freedom. Ita ends by asserting that in a way, she feels like “self-supported” by the trail. We bet and we hope that she will keep on running for a long time, and with us of course.


 Ita Marzotto


  • Ultra NORWAY Race 2018 – 2nd (Competition by team)
  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2017 – Winner with a total of 18 points
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2017 – 6th & 1st woman
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2017 – 2nd & 1st woman
  • ROADSIGN CONTINENTAL CHALLENGE 2016 – 1st woman & 3rd of the Ranking List
  • Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2016 – 8th & 2nd woman
  • Ultra ASIA Race 2016 – 6th
  • Ultra AFRICA Race 2015 – 5th & 2nd woman
  • THE TRACK 2015 – 9th & 1st woman