She finished first woman on THE TRACK Australia in 2019. We will be pleased to meet her again in May 2024 on the next edition of this legendary distance in Namibia. In the meantime, let’s meet this running Warrioress who has more than one string to her bow.


Running towards happiness


While living in New York, Leigh started running around Central Park …to heal a broken heart. She hasn’t stopped since. ”It is one of the greatest love stories of my life. I run wholeheartedly”. She worked in stressful fashion universe for 20 years. Fortunately, running gave her an escape from that world. She first tried marathon and discovered trail in her 30’s. Today, in her late 40’s, she has run over 50 ultramarathons! She discovered many countries by running through her business trips.

“But running has now landed me in the Australian Blue Mountains where I run the majestic trails, feeling blessed to be immersed in Mother Nature. Running has inspired me to live a life with strong values for the greater good”.



Leigh has a great memory of the THE TRACK Australia experience. “I loved the experience of THE TRACK where I shared the journey with lifelong friends”. She adds that in Namibia, she will surrender again to the simplicity of every day out there… “all I have to do is run with joy and gratitude”. Eager to discover a new land and to meet new friends, she works on her physical and emotional preparation for this new challenge. “Practically, I am preparing myself for lots of dehydrated potatoes”.

And it’s thanks to Canal Aventure that Leigh had the idea of a new professional project…


A Warrioress brand born in the desert


Leigh Hawkes confirms it. “I had an amazing awe-inspiring journey across Australiaparticipating to THE TRACK in 2019. One evening, as the full moon was rising, I felt like the Warrioress of the desert & so the idea started to rise within me!”

She naturally chose the name Warrioress for her running range. She designs and sew her clothes with constant consciousness for minimal impact on this beautiful planet where she loves to run upon.

“I use recycled & biodegradable fabrics, threads, labels, packaging. I sew each piece individually & repurpose waste”.



Shorts, skorts, tights, tees, belts, arm protection for empowerment compose her brand. Warrioress prints are inspired by running across deserts & up mountains. Every piece is sustainable & beautiful but also functional with extra pockets for fuel & hydration. Leigh have trialed the durability of her creations in many ultramarathons. Warrioress has today a cult following locally but she would like to expand globally empowering more women.


Running with Canal Aventure AND for the others


She says being super excited to adventure again with us.

“To be able to run in these remote wilderness’s is a truly unique experience. I love the crazy, embrace the challenge & will do my best to finish my 2nd THE TRACK experience”.

Aware that circumstances in our life can prevent us from getting the chance to live such adventures, Leigh feels very lucky to get this opportunity. In Namibia, she will not only run for pleasure.

“I will run to fundraise for Free toRun, an NGO that supports women & girls in areas of conflict to have safe spaces to run. Thanks to Canal Aventure for creating a space for me to do this”.

Yet, Leigh have designed a special new Warrioress print for THE TRACK Namibia & can’t wait to wear it to run in the desert. And we are impatient to discover it.


Website: Warrioress