THE TRACK Series is brand new challenge created by Canal Aventure. A concept, a new story inspired by our mythical race organized 5 times in Australia these last 10 years. An exceptional and unique race format that now take place in different latitudes. We ran the first edition in May 2022, in Namibia. Such a success.


A fantastic journey. An endurance event, in self-sufficiency. 520 km in 9 stages and 10 days. An ultimate challenge, a tremendous human adventure for 19 runners of 6 nationalities and the Canal Aventure team. Congratulations to all. The participant’s feeling warms our hearts. Our greatest reward.


Stars in the eyes and the heart


That is the feeling shared by runners a few weeks after regaining civilization. “I still have stars in my eyes. A wonderful group, a talented staff” tell Anne Bonzoumet and Sandrine Jouot who were taking up for the first time such a challenge for the benefit of the French association T’Cap21. Words confirmed by the Swiss winner of this edition, Marco Jaeggi, “I still have in mind this impressive starry sky that was placed over us like a cheese dome”. They all talk about a feeling of absolute freedom in the vastness of desert and breathtaking landscapes.



The first memory of the Italian Filippo Rossi is “the fantastic mood at the bivouac and during relaxing moments. The race is so harsh on the psychological level that the atmosphere between runners becomes essential”. A mutual support and sharing that helped him finish 3rd in the competition. Grégory Lafitte, who finished 4th, points out the uniqueness of Canal Aventure’s events “It was an incredible experience, not only sporting but also human… a breath of fresh air and freedom”.


THE TRACK Series, a demanding and addictive race


A race format that puts even the most highly trained athletes under pressure and challenge. THE TRACK series goes further than others ultramarathons. Everything is possible until the last kilometer” says Filippo.



Marco, experienced runner, underlines “The number of participants makes the race more familiar. You literally feel the passion and lifeblood of the helpers and runners, which is not the case in other larger events. Due to the longer duration of the competition, even more talent for improvisation is required. Many things can no longer be planned at all”.



Anne talked about her fears and questions before the departure “concerning this race format, its duration, the backpack to carry with our whole life in for 10 days… once my doubts are cleared, I felt relieved, joyful and so light”. Sandrine tell us with a smile about the complicated living conditions, the sporting challenge “It is so hard but also addictive. The lesson of all this is so beautiful. To be happy, you need a beautiful country to discover, nice people to share these strong moments, a reassuring organization, sun, water and most of all freedom”.


An outstanding human and sporting adventure


Some of the runners have had improbable encounters with a lynx or another unknown inhabitant of the desert a little too “affectionate”. Others remember a strong souvenir of sharing moments at the bivouac or memory of the care provided by our doctors, Bruno and Sébastien.

Grégory highlights that having the opportunity to disconnect on this way becomes a luxury. “We relearn to live or to survive. Each morning, we don’t have much choice but to move forward into the unknown. Every day brings its share of surprises and gives you incredible confidence to reach the goal. There is always a little something that will allow you to see beyond the pain”.

Several participants in this first event have already registered for the next edition, eager to live the adventure again. Notice to fans! (Schedule)


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