NOMAD 2022

NOMAD 2022

Lapland – FINLAND

270 km non-stop in 4 days

NOMAD 2022

An extreme challenge

The NOMAD 2022 is a 270 km foot race non-stop in Lapland.




270 km


4 days

270 km no-stop!

The first edition of the NOMAD event is a 270 km non-stop ultramarathon that takes place north of the Arctic Circle, in Finnish Lapland. Competitors have 4 days (96 hours) to complete the entire route. Mandatory Checkpoints will be set out along the route to monitor the competitors and to provide hot water. At these place it will be possible to rest.

The competition is in Self-Supported, which means that each competitor must carry their compulsory equipments, food, personal gears, safety equipment and a minimum of 1,5 liters of water.

In January the temperatures in the region oscillate between -5 ° and -30 ° degrees. In addition, the length of the days is extremely short (around 5:30 hours). The runners will therefore have to progress on the course in the dark using the GPS route provided by the organization. The extreme conditions in which NOMAD 2022 takes place require specific preparation and technical equipments.

The list of mandatory equipments will soon be available.


Frequently Asked Questions

The NOMAD event is it a foot race in self-sufficiency?

The NOMAD 2022 is a foot race in self-supported. Participants must have their own food at the start for 4 days of competition. The rules of the race impose a minimum of 2 000 calories per day, that is to say a total of 8 000 calories for the whole duration of the race. The calorie count listed is a minimum and we recommend that you have around 3 000 calories per day.

Are there any selection criteria for registering with the NOMAD?

The races organized by Canal Aventure, including the NOMAD, do not require any selection criteria. We nevertheless ask those interested to take into account the sporting challenge and the particular conditions in which the adventure takes place. It is essential to provide adequate physical preparation and to equip yourself with the necessary equipment to tackle an event of this type in the best conditions. Finally, in the case of the NOMAD 2022, we invite participants to assess their ability to manage difficult environmental conditions: negative temperatures and very short sunshine duration. 

Is the NOMAD route marked?

The NOMAD itinerary follows main and secondary snowmobile trails. The route therefore already has markings. There will be no race specific markings on the itinerary. However the participants will all have the GPS track of the route in order to be able to follow the correct route in safe condition.

Where will it be possible to sleep during the competition?

During the NOMAD event, participants will not be allowed to sleep along the itinerary. The only places where they will be able to sleep are the checkpoints. Checkpoints spread over the route will have a laavu (wooden hut) or tents. A fire and hot water will also be available.

When will the participants have the GPS track of the itinerary?

The GPS track of the itinerary will be given to participants at the Sokos hotel on Saturday January 22, 2022. 

Would I be safe participating in the NOMAD event?

With more than 10 years of experience and the organization of about thirty events around the world, The Track Organization, organizer of the NOMAD, has demonstrated its professionalism. For each of our events, we surround ourselves with a team of volunteer members and professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to supervise the participants. Numerous checkpoints and a mobile teams will be present along the 270 km itinerary in order to secure the group of the competitors. An equipped and experienced medical team will be present. Finally, the participants will be equipped with a GPS tracker in order to know their positions at all times. Safety is the priority and all efforts are made to allow each of the participants to live their adventure in the best conditions and in complete safety.  

The discovery of Finnish Lapland during the winter of 2021 was a beautiful and fresh surprise. Nature occupies a preponderant place in Finland. Organizing a 270 km foot race north of the Arctic Circle is an ambitious challenge. I wait you in January 2022 to write together a new page in the history of Canal Aventure.

Jérôme Lollier, Race director


NOMAD 2022

We look forward to seeing you from January 24 to 28, 2022 in Finnish Lapland for the first edition of NOMAD.