20 – 26 September 2021


The Ultra BOLIVIA Race is a 220 km foot race in 7 stages with 2400 meters of ascent and in Self-Supported. Each competitor must carry a backpack containing the compulsory equipments, food and personal equipments. The event takes place on the Bolivian Altiplano in South America.

The participants must follow the route as marked by the organizers and they have a road book. There are check points located at regular intervals. Every night a bivouac is proposed by the organization. A technical support and a medical team are present during the event.

Competitors who cannot respect the limit time per stage (10 hours) can stay in the race. They will be classified with their kilometers run during the event. 


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The route of the Ultra BOLIVIA Race crosses among the most fascinating landscapes of Latin America! The start is at Salinas at 550 km South of La Paz. The first day, competitors will join the Salar de Coipasa. During the second day, they will join the archaeological site of Alcaya. The crossing of this site will take you to 4100 meters of elevation in the heart of the wild Altiplano: arid landscape surrounded by volcanoes, some exceeding 6000 meters. The third and fourth days you will discover authentic villages and nice views on the Volcano Tunupa (5400 meters).

The rest of the route will be on the Salar de Uyuni: the largest salt desert in the world (10 000 km2 of salt at 3650 meters of elevation). You will discover the Isla del Pescado and the Isla Incahuasi and giant cacti. The Salar immensity will provide a unique experience! This route will give you the opportunity to discover landscapes of the end of the world off the beaten track. Nowhere else in South America, you will feel so disoriented by the strength and richness of cultures, color harmony and kindness of a peaceful people. 



Distance  Ascent Descent
STAGE 1 Salinas – Salar de Coipasa 33 km 500 m 500 m
STAGE 2 Salar de Coipasa – Alcaya 27 km 200 m 200 m
STAGE 3 Alcaya – Colcaya 33 km 850 m 850 m
STAGE 4 Colcaya – Tahua 29 km 520 m 520 m
STAGE 5 Tahua – Isla del Pescado 30 km 130 m 200 m
STAGE 6 Isla del Pescado – Salar d’Uyuni 42 km 100 m 100 m
STAGE 7 Salar d’Uyuni – Salar d’Uyuni 26 km 60 m 40 m
220 km 2360 m D- 2410 m D+


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The next edition will take place from 20 to 26 September 2021.


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