It’s what every runner wants: to be in flow while running.

What exactly does being in flow mean? How do you get into this special state? What effect does it have on performance and satisfaction? And how can we bring more flow to our lives – even beyond running?

Dr Michele Ufer, an expert in sports and management psychology, wanted to find out, so he set off on an extraordinary journey of discovery. It took him to four different continents – In 2015, he participated at one event of the Roadsign Continental Challenge – and he was always on the hunt for experiences that would get him into a flow state.


Michel Ufer on the Roadsign Continental Challenge in 2015.


His book “Flow-Jäger” (Flow Hunters) takes a fresh look at all the questions surrounding the topic of flow state and provides well-founded answers. What exactly does being in flow mean? How do you get into a flow state? What can athletes do to increase the likelihood of experiencing flow? What effect does flow have on performance and satisfaction? Can being in flow have any negative or even dangerous side-effects? If so, what can we learn from these insights?

For his book, the best-selling author conducted numerous interviews with top international athletes and brought together current research findings about the topic of flow. “Flow-Jäger” not only contains case studies from Michele Ufer’s flow coaching practice that showed astounding results, but also provides helpful, practical tips for people who want to achieve better flow.

About the author: the speaker, coach und author Dr Michele Ufer is an internationally sought-after expert in sports and management psychology and a successful ultra-marathon runner. He provides coaching and advice for athletes, managers and other top performers who want to find intelligent ways to improve motivation and performance. He also gives specialist lectures and motivational talks. There are plenty of athletes who write about their experiences. But Ufer goes a step further: he links extraordinary personal stories with specialist psychological knowledge from his work as a researcher and coach.

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