Thanh Vu (Vietnam) a travaillé avec Canal Aventure lors de l’Ultra ASIA Race 2016. Nous avons été très heureux de partager l’aventure avec elle. En février dernier, nous étions ravis quand elle a confirmé sa participation à THE TRACK 2017 parce que nous savions que Thanh est une concurrente déterminée et ambitieuse. Thanh n’était pas dans de bonnes conditions physiques pour l’événement mais elle l’a fait ! Elle est la première femme asiatique à être Finisher de THE TRACK. > Retrouvez le classement général de THE TRACK 2017

Thanh, tu as terminé THE TRACK, la course par étape et en autonomie alimentaire la plus longue du monde. Quelle a été ta première émotion en franchissant la ligne d’arrivée ?

It was hard to believe that I could finish the race. I knew I would try everything in my power and would never give up unless there is some sort of life-threatening risk. But given that I went into the race with bad knees, I was always nervous at the start of each race « Would today be my last day? »
When I got to the last stage, I knew I should empty the tank and leave nothing left unused. So that’s what I did. 137km was the longest and the loneliest stage as I didn’t see many people or run it with anyone but it was my best stage. It was the only day I felt that I was confident making it to the finishing line. I was pretty much disoriented from the sleep deprivation before crossing the finishing line but when I knew I did it, it was an amazing feeling. I was relieved and in many ways, felt empowered that I had held onto that tiny hope that I’d make it all the way.

Qu’est-ce qui fut le plus difficile pour toi pendant la course ?

The distance. Maintaining my body to endure on 522km (and with 3 consecutive days closing to 60km/day) was something I’ve never done before. The worries to meet the cut-off for the difficult days added to the mental toughness you had to have as well

Un ultra marathon classique dure généralement 5 ou 6 jours. Que s’est-il passé pour toi après le 5ème jour de compétition ? Comment as-tu géré cette seconde partie de course ? 

You really have to just focus on the day itself. As soon as you finish the day, forget about it. Don’t think about how it could have or should have gone. Get on with your recovery and prepare for the next day. With this length and duration, you must move on quickly. No dwelling on anything. Do whatever you got to do and get on with the race.

La dernière étape est une compétition dans la compétition. Il s’agit d’une étape de 137 km. Comment étais-tu avant le départ de celle-ci ?

I was actually quite pleased to get to the last stage (despite the early 4am start). It was when I knew I’d make it to the finishing line of the entire race no matter what. I could almost say I was excited for it.

Tu es la première femme asiatique à être Finisher de THE TRACK. Est-ce important pour toi ?

Yes, I think being the first is a great beginning. When people see that it can be done, they will try and that’s how progress is made. There will be more strong Asian female who can do these races much faster and stronger.

Quel est ton meilleur souvenir de THE TRACK ?

Running in the dark on the last stage. Feeling the drag of the arduous 8 days before and the lack of sleep, I was pretty drained. But as I looked at the magnificent sunset and the majestic Mt. McConner, I felt grateful for being able to be there. I felt such revival of energy in me and all of a sudden, I really could ran.

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