She participated and finished first woman of the THE TRACK in 2015. Since this event, she continues her adventure in the Roadsign Continental Challenge. Finisher of the Ultra AFRICA Race 2015, Finisher of the Ultra ASIA Race 2016, Finisher of the Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2016, she was the first woman of the Roadsign Continental Challenge in 2015 and in 2016. We are very proud to introduce to you Ita Marzotto (Italy). 

Ita, How you prepare you in order to run an ultramarathon?

To run an ultra marathon…? I run! I try to run every day regularly 1 to 2 hours and do a long run on Sundays, 4 to 8 hours. If it is a multistage race I do some long runs for 3/4 days in a row 2/3 weeks before and also I train with the back pack with 5kg for a time before. 

I try to eat well and rise my immune system as much as possible with natural products in order to be strong to sustain the long days and little food of the multistage races.

I take some time as well to think over and prepare all the required material and the food for the race.

What is your 3 best memories with Canal Aventure?

Canal Aventure has given me some of the best memories and also strong emotions I have ever had since I started trail running .The places I have been and the actual trails are always very well chosen and exciting, so, I would say that one of the best memories I have of Canal Aventure is the special trails I ran in each event .

Second best memory, but not less important, is the « humanity » of the people! They is the way the staff is always supportive and fair, I had some difficulties in some of the races and I have always been assisted not just like a person in need, but like a member of the Canal Aventure family!

Thirdly, the attention that Canal Aventure gives to the respect towards the host country the race is held. I find this important and each race does interact with the local people and environment with respect and collaboration.

What does it mean for you to finish first woman of the Roadsign Continental Challenge in 2015 and 2016?

First for 2 years in a row!!! This is surprising to me! I am honoured and happy. If I think back to what I have achieved through each race of Canal Aventure: the longest trail in my life, the highest trail in my life and the hottest trail in my life!! Incredible.

I have to thank Canal Aventure for all this, would not have made it otherwise!

Thank you Ita. Thank you for your positive energy on our events and also in the life in general. We are very proud to have already sharing 4 competitions/adventures with you. See you soon!


Ultra BOLIVIA Race 2016

Ultra ASIA Race 2016

Ultra AFRICA Race 2015